Get PROFESSIONAL voice over for $2

VOICE OVERS are great ways of passing information about anything, be it in adverts, videos, projects etc. hence we will record a 100word voice over used to promote your p...

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Promote Your Website with a Professional U.S.A. Voice... for $68

Hi, Im a voice over artist with major market experience based in U.S.A... I provide voiceover for everything from corporate training videos, infomercials, to national and...

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record any voice over, today,...//*.. for $14

hi every body....I would love to record whatever you need me to, up to 75 words, for 13..If your script is longer than 75 words, please purchase additional gigs as necess...

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****^^^^ I Will Record A Quality Voiceover In A Briti... for $29

I will happily record for you a 200 word voice over script in my authentic British accent or my standard American accent for 29. All orders are delivered within 72 hours...

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record a voice over in spanish with accent from SPAI... for $14

Are you searching a native Spanish voice over, from SPAIN I would love to record whatever you need me to, up to 100 words for 14...

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record any voice over, today for $14

I will deliver any voiceover within 24 hours of your order. ONE DAY DELIVERY NEW CLIENT PROMO First time clients can add an additional 25 words to their voiceover, for fr...

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use my Female American Voice to record a Professional... for $14

Please read the following to make your purchase a smooth transactionI will record your script and send you a professional fully mastered audio file.About this gig 25 wo...

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Voice-over Project Exclusively on Seoclerks for $30

Voiceover Project Exclusively on SeoclerksThe world is changing, so that the way of creating ad and other things. In this service, i bring you some opportunity to have vo...

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do voiceover in Hindi, English with Indian accent for $13

If you are searching for a voiceover, voicemail, narration or any sort of audio files in any of these languages Hindi, English, Oriya and Bengali then am the right person...

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l voice over record 300 words on a studio microphone for $13

I do all my recordings through a 3000 professionalquality large diaphragm condenser microphone the AKG C414 II.You are paying for an experienced and expressive reader and...

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record any voicemail, today for $14

I will deliver any voiceover within 24 hours of your order. ONE DAY DELIVERY If your script is longer than 75 words, please purchase additional gigs as necessary.NEW CLIE...

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Anime voice over. Translation from English/Hindi to J... for $5

I can do anime voice overs with my skill in Japanese and English.Just give me a dialogue, a set of dialogues or an entire paragraph as a script in either English or Hindi...

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Record 250 Words Of Sexy British Female Voice Over for $28

voice actress and voiceover artist. I can provide you withScript ReadingNarrationAdvertisementsVoice TagsPhone GreetingsCorporate Video ExplainersYoutube Video Voice Over...

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Record Business Phone Greeting/ IVR / Hold audio for $35

I will record your Business Phone greeting, IVR, or hold audio and deliver an MP3 or WAV file, and deliver it with AMAZING QUALITYIncludes Up to 5 separate audio files , ...

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Record American Male Deep Voice Over for $10

I will record up to 500 words and deliver an MP3 or WAV file, and deliver it with AMAZING QUALITY10+ Years experience. SAMPLESDEMOSClick Here for Audio SamplesI record fo...

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record a professional voicemail greeting .. for $13

hi every one....i am hassa....I will record a dry voiceover for you, up to 100 words, for 13.... Using my professional broadcast quality studio......I have supplied stati...

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convert Article to Video and make voice over.*/*/.. for $13

hi every body.....i am hassa..... I will convert your Article,text or ads contents to high quality unique Video mp4 or any other format you want like avi and flv format m...

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will write and/or record your script up to 200 words for $15

I Offer my Services for these Recording Purposes Commercials IVR, voicemail, phone systems, and onhold messages. i have written produced and performed 15 30 60 second plu...

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1 Mention on 'Ash Said It Daily' Podcast for $60

The story behind your brand is remarkable and I would love to share it with my audience. Were on all the major platforms such as iTunes, iHeart Radio, Google Play and sti...

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Custom order for female voice for $70

As per your requirement i will make it female voice over for your text. Please provide the details.Female voice overwith lite back ground musicgood quality provide me the...

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record voice over audio for your Powerpoint and turn ... for $13

hi every one.....i am hassa...Turn your PowerPoint into a voice over video..... you need to have ready, for us to be able to do a narration... Cost is 1 gig for each 30 ...

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record professional voicemail greeting or message.. for $13

hi every body....i am hassa....Count on a quality greeting for your business or residence from a voice over artist.... Ready to record your personal, religious organizat...

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Record Female Audio Voiceovers for $15

Hi There If you are looking for professional genuine female voice overs, Im your girl. I can provide voice overs for just about anything You name what you need for a voic...

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record your IVR or voicemail greeting with french acc... for $10

Hello hello Thanks for choosing Gopronow to greet your callers , I have as strong base voice with a french accent that will give your business a chic european look youre ...

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Profesional Voice Over British Accent for $15

I will Record a 150 Word Voice over For 15 if you would like to hear my accent then look for kodi solutions channel on youtube I and sharp and precise in the way I speak ...

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add voice over or music to your MP4, WMV, Power Point... for $13

I will add a male voiceover read or music to your YouTube video, Power Point slideshow, WhiteBoard Animation Drawing, any projects,Animation Drawing Videos,White Board Vi...

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do a professional voice over for $13

I will do a voice over in my deep radio voiceThe script needs to be 2 minutes or less approximately 280 words per gig. Longer scripts will require extra gigs. This will ...

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Voice-over in Spanish for $10

Looking for a fast and simple voiceover no recorded in studio and with no background music With a young female voice Then this service is for you Recording of a script f...

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Profesionally record 500 words in English French or A... for $2


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Speaker Voce italiana maschile Male Italy Voiceover ... for $5

Speaker produzione audio per la radio, tv , webrario , webtv , multimedia, webagency e marketing. Solo voce. Httpssoundcloud.comilmimmo audio Demo Il prezzo di vendita ...

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